More Brutal Wild Horse Roundups Scheduled

Wild horses often attempt to escape from traps or corrals set up to hold them captive after grueling chases during helicopter roundups. Photo credit: S. Paige/RtF

Since July 9th, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) began helicopter roundups of Nevada’s wild horses from the Antelope Complex. Their goal is to capture 3,000 of the wild horses in their largest planned roundup this year.

Within 3 weeks, this brutal removal has claimed the lives of 21 wild horses, including young foals.
As summer continues, so will the roundups. The BLM is preparing to start additional roundups in several other states. Over the next two months, these unnecessary removals will put thousands of innocent wild horses in peril.

Beginning in August, close to 400 wild horses are slated to lose their freedom from Oregon’s Palomino Butte, Stinkingwater, and Hog Creek Herd Management Areas (HMAs).

In September, the BLM agency plans to remove over a thousand wild horses and burros in Idaho, Colorado, and California.

Helicopter roundups mean more terror, trauma, injury and even death for America’s beloved wild horses and burros. Advocates who are able to be observers of the roundups do their best to document exactly what is happening to wild horses and burros to keep the public informed and assist with fighting for more legal protection of endangered herds.

Tragic footage captured by an observer of a wild stallion who broke his leg trying to escape a BLM trap site was recently released. The stallion was chased by helicopter and wranglers who eventually roped him and he was euthanized. This horse suffered a chase for approximately 35 minutes before he was killed.

No matter how “low” a percentage rate the BLM claims for roundup death rates, NO horse (or burro) should ever endure such brutality.