Deadly Wild Horse Roundup Continues

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) Antelope Valley Complex roundup, which began on July 9th, has left 19 horses dead in just 16 days.

Helicopter roundups are brutal, inhumane and unnecessary when numerous humane options exist. Photo credit: Meg Frederick of a WY Adobe Town roundup.

At least 7 little foals have died due to the stress of running for miles in not only hot, but extreme, temperatures. As yet no one knows how many likely collapsed out on the range during the helicopter stampedes.

Observers documented mares being driven so hard that they’ve broken their necks most often from crashing into gates. Stallions have been killed too. Reports state that one died in the loading process of a broken neck, and another widely reported on is a beautiful palomino whose leg was broken after jumping from a 6′ high trap desperately attempting to regain his freedom. His final time alive ended in a three-legged, 35-minute chase from both a helicopter and wranglers on horseback before his suffering was finally ended after they roped and euthanized him.

It is believed that an accurate count of all deaths once the roundups end may never be known as the BLM eliminates foals from their death count. But observers know as much of the truth as they are able to witness and document.

For now, part of the roundups are finished; but the death toll is far from complete.

Take action today to help spare America’s wild horses and burros from the brutality and completely unnecessary roundups:

Contact your two U.S. Senators and your U.S. House Representative to urge them to support the Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act of 2023 – HR-3656 .

Get current information for the BLM daily roundup reports on the Antelope Valley Complexes: North and South.