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Timmbuktu (“Timmie”) joined the rescue as an owner surrender when she could no longer properly care for him. He’s a sweet Arabian gelding with “thousands” of miles on him from competing in endurance rides in the past. In the past year or so his hocks began fusing and he has shown other signs of lameness due to past use. All of his basic needs are being updated including dental, farrier and worming along with a thorough evaluation of his health overall. Currently he is underweight due to the owner’s financial difficulty and inability to provide appropriate feed, care for her horses.

Timm’s initial veterinary exam indicated a poor body score (3 of 9) along with loss of muscle tone on his topline and gluteal muscles. He was very uncomfortable in all 4 legs trotting on a lunge line on a hard surface. There was only a slight improvement on softer ground. He was unable to properly use his hindquarters going at a trot in either direction, more pronounced to the left. X-rays revealed severe bony changes in Timm’s left hock particularly in the DMT joint.

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  • In Assessment
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 1998
  • Arabian
  • Colorado

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