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Dark Vixen

Dark Vixen (“Vixen”) joined the rescue as an owner surrender when she could no longer properly care for her horses. She was ridden extensively as an endurance horse for several years. The owner indicated Vixen has hypothyroidism and requires medication. Vixen also has increasing trouble from advancing arthritis in some of her leg joints. All of her basic needs are being updated including dental, farrier and worming along with a thorough evaluation of her health overall so we can determine a rehabilitation strategy.

Update: Results from Vixen’s initial veterinary evaluation revealed a normal reading for thyroid levels from bloodwork. We have updated her dental care and have scheduled her for front shoes for now as her soles are too thin making her sore. She shows thickening in her front fetlocks and moves better in an arena setting than on harder ground. Vixen has osteo-arthritic changes in her hocks from X-rays but the stifle joints are in good condition. She is not in good muscle tone at this time and further evaluation is needed to assess comfort in her hind end as there is likely a history of inflammation due to past use.

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  • In Assessment
  • Dark Bay
  • Mare
  • 2001
  • Arabian
  • Colorado

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