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SingMIA Song (“Mia”) joined the rescue as an owner surrender when she could no longer properly care for her horses. She’s a very sweet Arabian mare who was best suited for an experienced rider as she could be grumpy on the trail if anything tried to pass her. All of her basic needs are being updated including dental, farrier and worming along with a thorough evaluation of her health overall. Currently Mia is underweight due to the owner’s financial difficulty and inability to provide appropriate feed, care for her horses.

After a few months, Mia is at a normal weight and her basic medical needs updated (dental, worming). She received a full lameness exam and now wears special shoes (front hooves) after receiving proper trimming. With turn out and self exercise she should begin to tone up. In the spring we will start a more specific training evaluation to see if Mia is capable of light trail riding or needs to be a companion only horse. While she has plenty of energy, she does show an occasional lameness which requires further evaluation and supplements if needed.

Update: Mia is in training evaluation this Spring and will hopefully become available for adoption during late April or early May. Details will be posted soon.

More About Mia

  • In Assessment
  • Grey
  • Mare
  • 1997
  • Arabian
  • Colorado

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