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Sunny is one of dozens of horses in need of relocation from a failing sanctuary in Florida. He was rescued between the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weekends in 2017. Sunny has severe dental issues (including missing over one-third of his teeth), cataracts in both eyes, navicular, joint issues (most notably right hind, stifle/hip) as well as being over 100 pounds underweight. He has a winning personality and it’s very sad to think what this horse once was compared to a prolonged state of neglect due to financial issues. Sunny had several fractured and partial teeth which had to be removed during his initial dental treatment. He cannot eat hay. It was also found he had a yeast infection for which he was treated.

Update: Sunny’s various health issues eventually became more pronounced diminishing his quality of life. His “can do” spirit seemed to go downhill as well. He was humanely euthanized after lameness and other digestive issues could no longer be managed.

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  • Grulla
  • Gelding
  • 1993
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  • Florida

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