798 Ross Update

Ross was an unexpected rescue as no one knew his mother (Cherie) was pregnant when she was saved off a kill lot. He was born about 4 months after her rescue and appeared to be a sturdy, healthy colt. When Ross was about 7 weeks old it was apparent something wasn’t right with his energy level and movement.

Upon veterinary exam, it was discovered he has juvenile osteoarthritis, which cannot be cured or treated to provide a quality of life. We were devastated. The X-rays showed the advancing disease in hind leg joints which must have started in utero to be as progressed as it was. Ross is being watched very closely but will ultimately have to be humanely put down. We are shocked and grieving over this news. In the meantime he is being given some anti-inflammatory medication and he has befriended a young filly (Bindi) who he plays with when he feels up to it.

Ross managed through a mild Colorado winter until he was almost 7 months old. We took new X-rays which sadly revealed a rapid deterioration of his hind leg joints and Ross was humanely euthanized. It was determined that he suffered from a genetic disorder rather than juvenile osteoarthritis as his mother’s X-rays revealed badly formed hock joints.

More About Ross

  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Colt
  • 2017
  • QH-cross
  • Colorado

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