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Skip is part of a large group of horses being rescued from a failing animal sanctuary in Florida when their major funding ceased two years ago. He was initially rescued from a terrible situation in south Florida and had been treated for chronic eye infections and heaves. Skip came to FRER with an acute flare up of conjunctivitis in both eyes and lameness issues. He may have vision problems based on how he reacts to certain movement. He is a sweet boy once he begins to trust. His hoof care has been updated; he is in need of dental care and will receive X-rays to determine leg joint issues. He might need to be tested for metabolic issues as well.

Update:  Over time Skip’s health issues became more pronounced. He did suffer from heaves (a respiratory condition similar to COPD) and was very lame in his left front and right hind legs. The lameness was not structural but related to ligaments/tendons or other soft tissue. He may have also had a metabolic or auto immune disease as an underlying factor. It was also noted that he did have vision loss and recurring eye issues even with diligent treatment. Skip’s quality of life would only diminish more in time especially the difficulty breathing as warmer weather became hot. It was decided to humanely euthanize him as several of his conditions could not be successfully treated.

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  • Success Story
  • Paint
  • Gelding
  • 2006
  • Miniature horse
  • Florida

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