Pierre (RETIRED)

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Pierre is one of dozens of horses being rescued in early 2018 from a financially troubled animal sanctuary in Florida. His body condition score is normal but he was long overdue for dental care and professional farrier services (trims he had received left his hooves uneven, causing mild lameness issues). Initially Pierre was shy but has quickly come around and is a very friendly little guy. He has really nice manners and gets along well with other horses. He’s being treated for conjunctivitis in both eyes.

Update: Pierre has received updated farrier, dental and other care (i.e., vaccines, worming) and is a favorite at the rescue. He has a dental issue which must be monitored to ensure it does not interfere with normal chewing. We’ve discovered multiple small, hard bumps along the right side of his neck and on his belly. They don’t appear to be bites or melanomas. The vet recommended a product to treat them with and we will watch for improvement.
Note: The bumps along Pierre’s body appear to be permanent scarring from whatever caused them. They do not seem to bother him. He’s had several short sessions with the equine dentist to help further correct his dental issues and he’s done great with the treatments. Pierre has been retired with the rescue.

UPDATE (Dec 2021): Pierre remains in overall good health although prolonged summers in Florida do take their toll (as with all of the horses). He does love his stall fan and is very good with being hosed off/bathed and clipped as needed. He has his vision checked annually and receives twice a year dental care as he has dental issues requiring close monitoring. Pierre is the smallest horse at the FL location but at times he lets others know of his big personality.

More About Pierre (RETIRED)

  • Retired
  • Dapple Grey
  • Gelding
  • 2003
  • Miniature horse
  • Florida

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