Peanut (RETIRED)

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Peanut joined the rescue in January 2018 from a failing animal sanctuary in Florida. He was one of dozens of horses suffering neglect due to a significant loss of funding over 2 years. Initial evaluation showed Peanut had eye conjunctivitis, hind end lameness due to a locking stifle and a significant dental issue which will require a special surgery to remove a damaged tooth. He had lacked professional farrier care so his hooves were uneven which caused more issues with lameness. Peanut is a very friendly little guy with an outgoing and curious personality.

Update: Peanut has done well with regular farrier care and his initial dental work. At this time he will not require a special dental surgery but the abnormal tooth growth is being monitored. X-rays showed his bone structure is normal in his left hind leg; the locking stifle issue is due to soft tissue abnormality (ligament/tendon) with other musculature issues resulting. He has responded well to orthobionomy treatments and acupuncture treatments. However his locking stifle is a chronic issue and Peanut also has some metabolic (weight) issues we are working with. He has been retired with the rescue.

UPDATE (Dec 2021): Peanut has had his share of ups and downs during late 2020 and into 2021. During 2020, he suffered from two laminitic episodes where it was very “touch and go” on the first one. He received traditional care with holistic care as a strong support for overcoming the laminitis. He also had specialized farrier care to closely monitor how his front hooves’ were managed (Xrays had been taken to show degree of rotation and other structures impacted). In the past 2 years, Florida’s high heat/high humidity have taken their toll as well — many horses eventually suffer negative effects in regions with this type of weather. COPD is a very common respiratory illness which develops and cannot be cured. There are ways to treat it which work best when it has a seasonal cause and is treated early. Peanut has shown improvement as cooler/drier weather developed. He is closely monitored but it is highly likely his various conditions will continue to bring quality of life issues and a final decision in the weeks or months to come. Peanut is a very beloved mini at the rescue.

UPDATE (March 2022): It is with great sadness that we announce we lost Peanut to colic in early March 2022. He was a most beloved favorite at the FL farm and with many of our supporters.

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  • Retired
  • Appy
  • Mare
  • 2008
  • Miniature horse
  • Florida

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