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Peanut joined the rescue in January 2018 from a failing animal sanctuary in Florida. He was one of dozens of horses suffering neglect due to a significant loss of funding over 2 years. Initial evaluation showed Peanut had eye conjunctivitis, hind end lameness due to a locking stifle and a significant dental issue which will require a special surgery to remove a damaged tooth. He had lacked professional farrier care so his hooves were uneven which caused more issues with lameness. Peanut is a very friendly little guy with an outgoing and curious personality.

Update: Peanut has done well with regular farrier care and his initial dental work. At this time he will not require a special dental surgery but the abnormal tooth growth is being monitored. X-rays showed his bone structure is normal in his left hind leg; the locking stifle issue is due to soft tissue abnormality (ligament/tendon) with other musculature issues resulting. He has responded well to orthobionomy treatments and acupuncture treatments. However his locking stifle is a chronic issue and Peanut also has some metabolic (weight) issues we are working with. He has been retired with the rescue.

More About Peanut

  • Retired
  • Appy
  • Mare
  • 2008
  • Miniature horse
  • Florida

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