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Roy joined the rescue as part of dozens of horses needing help from a failing animal sanctuary in Florida which lost its major funding in 2016. He was said to have a history of heaves. Our initial evaluation revealed he is blind in his left eye (which needs further diagnostics), lame in his right front leg and in need of updated farrier, dental and worming. We also were told he was trained to pull a cart. Roy is well mannered and very sweet.

Update: Once summer weather set in Roy’s heaves became apparent. He had been treated for allergies and a cough which developed mid-summer. Although Roy had some improvement from the treatment for the cough, his heaves (COPD) rapidly progressed by late summer and he was humanely put down when the vet indicated no air was getting into parts of his left lung. Roy had also developed anhydrosis (non-sweating) which put a further strain on his systems.

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  • Success Story
  • Appy
  • Gelding
  • 1996
  • Miniature Horse
  • Florida

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