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My name is Shiloh and I retired with the rescue in June 2017. I’ve lived a long time in Florida but not always somewhere as nice as this. Not that I mean I wasn’t loved and cared for or that the barn wasn’t nice, but the pasture here is great. There is plenty of grass and the ground isn’t so sandy which caused me problems in the past.

I’ve got many special needs and the rescue is trying really hard to figure them all out and do the best they can for me. I know my energy is better since coming here but I’ve got a ways to go. I like when they call me “good boy” as I am smart and well-mannered. It’s nice to be appreciated because that is what I know. The other horses were pretty nice to me when I first came but because I was rather frail I could only meet them across fences. Some new horses came in August and two of them now turn out with me part of the day. I like them but do wish “DJ” would stop checking out my stall for left over food. I like to take a break from grazing now and then and stand under my stall fan. Not easy with him in the way sometimes!

(Note: Shiloh has Cushings disease, a thyroid tumor, hoof issues most likely related to Cushings, dental needs and arthritis issues. He has a bright attitude and very good appetite and stays well hydrated. He’s being treated for a variety of issues to see if quality of life can be improved).

Update: While some of Shiloh’s medical conditions improved during his stay at the rescue, other pre-existing issues continued to decline. Shiloh had an unusual condition where he was unable to properly urinate. Eventually this condition worsened to where Shiloh’s quality of life was quickly diminishing. He was humanely euthanized as there were no treatment options available. Shiloh crossed very quickly and easily over the Rainbow Bridge. We miss this sweet old boy who loved feeding time!

More About Shiloh

  • Success Story
  • White (Appy)
  • Gelding
  • 1989
  • Appy-QH
  • Florida

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