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Cherie was part of a group of neglected and abused horses rescued from a kill buyer late on Memorial Day (2017). It appeared she might be foundering as she clearly had significant hoof pain. Initial veterinary exam including front hoof radiographs revealed some internal changes to hoof structures but no sign of laminitis. However, a bad trim and ill-fitting shoes seemed to be major factors in why this sweet mare was so lame. We had her shoes removed and Cherie was fitted with temporary styrofoam pads until she was able to see a qualified farrier.

Dental care was also provided as it appeared she never had her teeth properly cared for. After observing Cherie for a few weeks we became suspicious of some “unusual” abdominal weight gain. Turns out Cherie is a “2-for-1” rescue case as she is with foal! Unfortunately, the vet cannot determine exactly how far along Cherie is in her pregnancy. She has been started on a sound nutritional feed regimen for mare/foal needs.

UPDATE: Cherie foaled late on September 3, a healthy baby boy! “Ross” is a bay with the same face markings as his mom. Early on he showed spunk and “attitude” and it appeared all was well. Sadly just before Ross turned 7 weeks old he became more lethargic and spent more and more time laying down. Veterinary exam indicated “juvenile arthritis” which we later determined was actually a genetic defect. By spring of 2018, Cherie began showing signs of discomfort and lameness. Her hocks began to swell. X-rays showed very significant deterioration of hock joints (a genetic deformity she must have suffered from all of her life). Sadly she was humanely euthanized in April 2018.

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