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Sherlock (ADOPTED)

Sherlock came to the rescue from a low-end kill auction. He is very thin and appeared to have an enlarged jaw, possibly from injury or significant dental issue. Sherlock also had an unusual condition where his penis could not retract into the sheath fully; it was swollen and damaged from frostbite on the lower portion.

Initial veterinary exam (including X-rays) revealed two lower molars (on opposite sides) had been damaged. One must have fractured and become infected to the point of tooth loss; the other is fractured. This seems to account for bone remodeling in his jaw.

Two different vets have concurred that surgery could repair his damaged penis. Sherlock is settling in for a short time prior to surgery as it is clear he’s had either little handling or incorrect handling (he is curious but wary).

After the first few days, our rescue coordinator reported good news:

“He is super adorable in that he watches me intently as I go about chores, and he come up to within a foot of the fence when I approach. You can see in his eyes that he WANTS to be friends but is still just a little unsure and scared and can’t quite being himself to bridge that last little distance. I don’t think it will take long to get him trusting again…”

Becoming friends is what Sherlock began to do shortly after her assessment of his personality (see photos).

He began training evaluation in the Fall of 2017. It is expected he will be available for adoption in the Spring of 2018. He will require an experienced owner as he is going to be a “one person” type of horse with some trust issues initially. He will also be green-started and need an owner experienced in bringing a young horse along.

Update: After a year of rehabilitation with various weather related and other delays, Sherlock was able to undergo successful surgery, updated dental care, learn to have his hooves trimmed and other basic handling. He is still very green-started but the perfect adopter showed up to ask about his progress. After a couple of meetings, it was easy to see Sherlock had met his match with Andrea who is highly qualified to take over his training progression.

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  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 2012
  • Fresian / TB/ QH
  • 17H
  • Colorado

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