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Phineas Finn was rescued in 2013 as part of an animal cruelty seizure case in Colorado. He was signed over to the rescue in May 2013 for continued rehabilitation and eventual adoption. Finn was underweight, wormy and needed some basic handling. He was a quick learner and did well recovering from a rocky start in life. Finn was adopted in August 2013 to a home experienced with Arabian horses and bringing along young horses with proper training.

A change in circumstances brought Finn back to the rescue in August 2017 when the adopter could no longer keep him. Finn is undergoing a general evaluation prior to adopting. He will require an intermediate or better rider to continue bringing him along for trail riding. Finn is a smart horse but still green. He might be a great candidate to learn trail obstacle courses or competitive trail riding.

During our re-assessment, we have discovered lameness issues which are being further evaluated and treated. It is unclear at this time to what level Finn could be ridden.

Update: Finn is back in training evaluation after having the winter off and having front shoes put on to help with minor arthritic changes in his right front fetlock. He is available to an experienced rider for light trail or pleasure only. Finn cannot do any competition or heavy riding and should continue to wear front shoes.

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  • Available for adoption
  • Rose Grey
  • Gelding
  • 2011
  • Arab Cross
  • 14.3h
  • $750
  • Colorado

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