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Sansa was part of a large rescue of horses in the slaughter pipeline during late September into October 2019. She was very thin and had an enlarged knee due to a fairly recent wound/injury. Our main concern was if the wound’s infection had reached the joint area. Sansa had also been exposed to an auction and kill lot both known to expose horses to highly contagious illnesses such as strangles.

Sansa spent her initial quarantine period at a local vet clinic to have her wound flushed, examined and treated. It appeared the puncture had not gotten to the knee joint and she returned to the rescue after a week to continue rehab and quarantine care. Sansa has slowly put on weight; she had her initial dental care completed. By early November the knee swelled again although Sansa was not lame on it. Further diagnostics are being done. It is hoped in time Sansa will fully recover and begin training assessment in Spring 2020.

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  • In Assessment
  • Mare
  • 2011
  • QH
  • Colorado

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