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Sadie is one of dozens of horses (including several mustangs) rescued during a large scale removal of horses in the slaughter pipeline during late September 2019 into November 2019. She was buddied up to Roxy on the lot and both have remained together during quarantine and rehab phase.

She is a smart, but aloof mustang mare and probably high up in a herd hierarchy. She watches closely what humans are doing and has become good friends with a QH mare (Bella) who shares a large corral area with her and Roxy. Sadie will move to a trainer with mustang experience during December as she needs to be gentled, learn to wear halter, lead, and other basic handling. If she can build trust and confidence with humans, it is hoped she will eventually make a nice trail horse.

Update: Sadie began training evaluations during December and into January. We took feedback from two different trainers, both with mustang experience. It’s unclear if Sadie had no handling or very nominal handling which was incorrect (or even bad). Her trust level with humans was almost non-existent, but she showed some curiosity or interest once she was comfortable in her environment.

After a lot of research and careful investigation (and discussions) Sadie was moved to a small, exclusive to mustangs ranch in CO with a long-time mustang trainer. Sadie is being carefully monitored and worked with to further develop a solid evaluation of how much handling she could manage. It is doubtful she will progress to under saddle training, but our hope is that she is capable of basic handling for farrier, vet and other ongoing care. If this is not possible, there is an agreement with a small, private mustang sanctuary in CO to take her as a life-long resident.

Sadie stayed a year with a mustang trainer in Colorado where she was kept with other mustangs needing special attention. She has been placed in a safe program where advanced trainers can work with her so she might eventually find a home. Otherwise she is safe in a sanctuary situation.

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