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Oscar is one of many horses taken into the rescue program during late September 2019 into mid-November 2019. Along with a few older geldings, he had been dumped at the end of a season by a WY dude ranch. Under his winter coat, Oscar was thin and he shows signs of some arthritis. His rehabilitation phase will update basic care needs like dental, worming and farrier trims. If needed, X-rays will be taken to give better diagnostics on any joint issues.

Update: Oscar has been slowly gaining some weight but developed digestive issues. During his veterinary evaluation it was determined “sand” could be the cause so he is on a regime of psyllium treatments. Oscar also has some loose teeth and other dental issues which have been addressed and will continue to be as subsequent dental care/monitoring are very much needed. While he moved well during a simple lameness exam, previous “poor” hoof care gave him some sensitivity. Better farrier care and on a regular basis should take care of this issue. Further diagnostics will be done if any of these issues don’t resolve after initial treatment plans.

Oscar finished his rehabilitation phase and went into training evaluation. He is a well-mannered, well-trained horse who probably “worked” most of his life. He also makes a great companion horse. He is available for adoption to a home for light trail/pleasure riding.

More About Oscar (ADOPTED)

  • Success Story
  • Roan
  • Gelding
  • 1995
  • QH
  • $650
  • Colorado

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