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Elijah joined the rescue during a large scale removal of horses from the slaughter pipeline along with horses in danger of ending up in kill buyers possession. The back story (whether true or not is unknown) on Elijah was that animal control had been called on the owner. At some point the owner contacted a dealer/kill buyer. Our CO rescue coordinator was contacted not long after that.

Elijah arrived emaciated and weak, but determined to eat quality hay and drink clean water. Due to his excessive weight loss, a vet came out and took blood work as it was necessary to ensure he was not in organ failure or compromised in some other way that could endanger any chance for recovery. While results were somewhat promising, upon closer examination it was discovered his withers had been broken and in a way not consistent with a fall. The vet said the damage would have been inflicted by a tremendous blow of something onto the withers at some point.

Elijah also had lameness issues and dental/jaw abnormalities which were either due to injury or really poor conformation. While this sweet horse (probably in his teens at most) tried his best, it was just too late. The significant neglect and whatever past abuses he had endured were too much for him. He was humanely euthanized.

More About Elijah

  • Success Story
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 2008
  • Arabian
  • Colorado

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