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Roxy is a mustang mare found at a kill lot after being run through an auction. She was one of several mustangs found in the hands of this dealer/kill buyer. Roxy, along with numerous other slaughter-bound horses, was rescued in October 2019.

Roxy is very curious and wants to be friendly. However, it appears she has very little to no real handling. Her personality is such that she will train well with appropriate time/proper handling. At this time, she has completed quarantine and will eventually head to a trainer who can slowly work with basic groundwork. We noticed Roxy might have stifle issues so would never be a riding horse if that is the case. We cannot further diagnose any issues until she has been halter, lead, handling trained.

Update: Roxy spent a month in training evaluation to further gentle her and teach her to wear a halter and lead. She also learned basic handling so that a vet could do further evaluation on lameness issues we could see. Roxy did really well with learning new things. Her evaluation showed old injuries or other trauma had left her with permanent disabilities. Roxy has been retired to live out her life with the rescue.

More About Roxy

  • Success Story
  • Grey
  • Mare
  • 2014
  • Mustang
  • Colorado

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