Cookie (RETIRED)

Cookie was part of a large rescue operation that began late September 2019 and continued into November 2019. She’s a young horse who had been pregnant, her foal taken away either before or at an auction Cookie was dumped at. Like many other cast-off broodmares, a kill buyer purchased her.

Cookie has a sweet, curious and very engaging personality. She loves playing with the water coming from a hose filling her water trough. Once she has gone through her quarantine and initial veterinary care, Cookie will undergo training evaluation. She might become available for adoption late Spring 2020.

After further evaluation, Cookie was able to have her overly long front hooves begin the trimming back process. Because she had no training with basic handling, she is having her back hooves trimmed once she knows how to be haltered, led, touched all over, and how to pick up her feet for a farrier to work with her. In January we had a vet do a pregnancy check as Cookie was gaining weight beyond what she should have been. It was confirmed she is probably 6-8 months along. We moved Cookie to a wonderful trainer so she can have 2 months of appropriate handling before she returns until the foal is born. Cookie’s training will resume once the foal is weaned. This young mare has a sweet temper and friendly personality. It is hoped she will be a great little trail horse in future.

Cookie is doing great in her training evaluation. She has learned basic groundwork, how to wear tack, have a rider sit on her and do walk, halt, turns. She is getting ready to go on “maternity leave” so her continued training will take place once the foal is weaned. Cookie has a fantastic temperament and is going to make a great addition to someone’s family in the future.

May 2020: On May 31, Cookie gave birth to a healthy colt we have named Loki. Both mare and foal are doing very well. The vet has checked them over and Cookie’s trainer has been imprinting Loki.

UPDATE (2021): Cookie was able to learn basic handling and some light riding skills before an ongoing lameness issue showed up. After thorough diagnostics, internal damage in the left front (and some osteo-arthritis in the right) must have resulted from a past injury. Cookie has been retired with the rescue and will participate in the educational camps (non-riding) to be held in the summer. She has a super friendly and easy going nature and will be a great “ambassador” for participants learning about horses and their care.

UPDATE (Dec 2021): Cookie has been a great ambassador at the educational camps for over a year now. She is a favorite with volunteers during summer and fall when volunteers come and help with basic horse care. She and Cricket have been fast friends as both girls represent the rescue during annual educational activities.

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  • Retired
  • Bay
  • Mare
  • 2014
  • QH
  • Colorado

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