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Mufasa stood all alone in a far corner of the kill pen, lame and depressed when we first saw him. During a rescue of debilitated horses, we again saw this big, young draft horse being befriended by a starved, older Arab gelding. Coordinating with Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue and the wonderful Heather E. (one of several trainers who work with our rescue horses), both Sam the Arab and his big friend Mufasa were rescued.

Mufasa has been undergoing rehab for extremely painful, abscessed feet since being rescued on the 1st of October. He has improved tremendously as the sub-solear abscesses healed. Walking was made easier for this big gentle guy (over 17 hands tall) by using EZ boots. Once Mufasa became sound at the walk and began trotting around on his own, he underwent an initial, gentle training evaluation (which he rocked). He’s up-to-date on dental care now and will continue with further assessment before becoming available for adoption to a qualified home.

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  • In Assessment
  • Gelding
  • 2010
  • Belgian
  • Colorado

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