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Quinn is a mustang gelding rescued during a large rescue of horses in the slaughter pipeline during late September 2019 into early November 2019. He appeared to at least be halter trained and clearly had come from an auction either in Colorado or a nearby state. It was also apparent he was becoming ill from strangles (a nasty respiratory infection rampant at many low-end auctions and kill lots).

Quinn was put into quarantine by himself since other horses during this rescue operation had not shown signs of the disease. Fortunately he ate and drank normally during his illness although a vet had to be re-contacted to come lance one of the large swellings under his jawline which was clearly very painful. Due to wintry weather moving in during Quinn’s illness, it was also decided to put him on a strong antibiotic (not always done with strangles) to help with as smooth of a recovery process as possible.

Once Quinn was fully recovered and done with quarantine, he underwent a training assessment to determine what basic handling skills he knew. He’s a very nice horse but is also very green. It is clear that he has a willingness to learn and should come along very nicely with further training sessions (all weather dependent at this time of the year). As training ability is further determined, he will also receive updated farrier care, dental and any other routine caretaking. We do not anticipate Quinn being a potential adoption candidate until summer of 2020.

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  • 2013
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