Pete was with 2 other horses and when their owner died, he had left them to a caring person who did not have the finances to keep 3 horses. There was a little money to keep them boarded for a short time but that time was almost up. Pete and his paint pony companion both had lameness issues so there wasn’t much chance to find them a good home together or separately.

Fortunately we were contacted about Pete and his friend and were able to commit to taking them thanks to donor support to cover their initial care and feeding requirements. Pete is an older, sweet Quarter horse gelding with arthritic issues and underweight. It was relayed to us that he has navicular disease. Veterinary evaluation will include X-rays to determine what type and degree of internal damage exists so we can develop a rehab plan.

Update: A break in Colorado’s wintry weather finally allowed us to get Pete in for a thorough veterinary exam which included lameness evaluation and subsequent X-rays for further diagnostics. While he had lameness in his front legs, mostly on the right, it was not as significant as the findings for his hind end conformation and disease diagnosis, progression. Pete presented with very upright hind end conformation with considerable “drop” in both hind fetlocks. He has chronic suspensory ligament desmitis in both hinds with the stifles “catching” in upward fixation of the patellas with every walk or trot step. He showed a very shuffling, stiff-legged gait in the hind end. X-rays showed degenerative issues with joints and bone where the suspensory ligament and supporting structures insert. The sesamoid showed remodeling changes as well. Due to his age and degree of this progressive, painful disease Pete was humanely euthanized.

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  • Success Story
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 2003
  • QH
  • Colorado

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