Dream Girl


Dream Girl joined the rescue in December 2019 after we received a call indicating a horse dealer, kill buyer had a couple of horses “we might want.” The words quoted translate to the horses are in bad, to very bad, shape.

Dream Girl was a registered TB mare, born in Kentucky in 2013 according to the information we obtained through her lip tattoo. We named her Dream Girl partially based on what her registered name had been. It appears her first race might have been as a four year old where she took first place in a race at Churchill Downs. In her short life, she raced 27 times and earned over $87,000. Her last race in July 2019 was at a track outside of Denver, CO. A video of that race didn’t show an apparent injury.

However Dream Girl was extremely crippled and in significant pain upon arrival. Her fetlock joint (right front leg) had been broken (shattered according to our vet) at some point. She could barely walk as shown in the video clips below. The swelling in the photos is from massive calcification around the damaged joint. This poor mare was trembling with pain and was colicky from pain, possibly ulcers and stress. It was shameful that former owners did nothing for her, being that the only help for this poor horse was humane euthanasia which should have occurred at the time of her injury and X-rays that would clearly show the extreme damage.

More About Dream Girl

  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Mare
  • 2013
  • Thoroughbred
  • Colorado

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