Peggy was with 2 other horses and when their owner died, he had left them to a caring person who did not have the finances to keep 3 horses. There was a little money to keep them boarded for a short time but that time was almost up. Peggy and an older horse both had lameness issues so there wasn’t much chance to find them a good home together or separately.

Fortunately we were contacted about Peggy and her friend and were able to commit to taking them thanks to donor support to cover their initial care and feeding requirements. Peggy is a sweet pony mare, but obviously very lame in front. It was relayed to us that she has navicular disease. Veterinary evaluation will include X-rays to determine what type and degree of internal damage exists so we can develop a rehab plan.

Update: After a break in wintry weather, Peggy received a more thorough veterinary evaluation. She was rated 4/5 during a lameness evaluation on both front legs, moving in either direction of left or right. X-rays were taken and revealed severe cystic (bone) lesions with osteo-arthritic changes with lytic lesions on flexor (tendon) surfaces. What this means is that Peggy has significant navicular disease and degeneration of the navicular bone. The bone itself has unusual wear for this disease in that part of it is worn away and the surface very rough causing tearing or shredding of a tendon which slides across the bone with any movement. There is no treatment available with farrier care and/or medical intervention which can alleviate the pain Peggy suffers from the advancement of this disease and the way it has progressed. She will be humanely put down as nothing can be done to stop her pain, nerve/bone/soft tissue damage which will only increase over time.

More About Peggy

  • Success Story
  • Paint
  • Mare
  • 2002
  • Pony
  • Colorado

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