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Memphis is a senior gelding who ended up cast off at a low-end auction and bought by a horse trader. When rescuing several debilitated horses, Memphis would try to follow along with them as if he knew that getting into “that trailer” meant something really good. It took a few weeks but eventually there was a place for Memphis in the trailer and at our rescue location.

Memphis is undergoing evaluation to update his dental, farrier, worming and any other needs. Once out of quarantine, and weather permitting, he will also undergo light training assessment.

Update: Memphis has improved since his initial rescue, especially from poor farrier care. He has undergone an initial training evaluation and will spend some time with a trainer to build up his muscle tone with light work on the ground and under saddle to see what he can or cannot do. It appears whatever training and riding he did in his past was at a “gait”.

After initial training evaluation, Memphis began to show some lameness and was re-evaluated by a veterinarian. It was determined he would do better with front shoes on his hooves, but due to some back end (left side mostly) “neurological” issues Memphis would be a companion only horse. He was retired to live out his life with the rescue at it would be unlikely a qualified adoptive home would be found for a non-riding horse, especially during a pandemic and bad economy.

More About Memphis

  • Success Story
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 1997
  • Tenneessee Walking Horse
  • Colorado

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