Kareem joined the rescue in June 2018 when a call was received about other horses in bad shape on a kill lot. He was already in a “kill pen” but we negotiated his release. Kareem is an Arab gelding about 10-12 years old. We were told he would try biting a rider’s legs so was dumped by the last owner. Clearly, Kareem was in physical pain with a rider, whether the tack was poorly fitted, girth cinched too tightly or if he was suffering from ulcers (or a combination of these reasons). He was underweight, overdue for farrier care and had shoes still on, required dental and other basic care too.

Kareem is a smart boy who will progress into training evaluation as his health care needs are updated and he gains strength. He is being worked with initially on ground manners but is friendly and gets along well with other horses.

After further evaluation including X-rays it was discovered that Kareem was a horse with “too many” miles put on him. While there were no outward signs of calcification or obvious injury, his fetlocks were full of arthritis making him very painful and lame even at a walk. As he had been improving weight-wise and with other updated care, his over-use issues became more apparent. He also had signs of extreme wear to his hocks. The vet indicated he would not be happy/pain-free even as a pasture horse. It is clear now that he was used up and thrown away and had ended up in a kill pen. Sadly Kareem was humanely euthanized.

More About Kareem

  • Success Story
  • Grey
  • Gelding
  • 2007
  • Arabian
  • Colorado

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