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Cheyenne was rescued in June 2018 from a CO kill buyer. She was in terrible condition with a large, bleeding cancerous tumor beneath her tail. She was also underweight and in need of hoof, dental and overall care. Cheyenne is in her early twenties and is a very sweet, well mannered pony mare. We were disgusted to learn that children were riding her in this broken down condition.

Veterinary assessment showed that surgery was an option to remove the painful enlarged tumor. Prognosis for healing was very good if the vet did not find that the tumor had gone internal. After a few days on antibiotics Cheyenne went into surgery. We were so happy to hear the surgery was successful:

She will be hospitalized for a few more days to monitor her healing, but she is already displaying a newfound joy for life now that her excruciatingly painful tumor has been removed. She was never unpleasant or resentful of us handling her prior to surgery, but you could see from her body language and the tension in her mouth and eyes that she was hurting. Her body language immediately after surgery has been relaxed and bright-eyed, and she is like a whole different pony!

There are not a whole lot of instances in veterinary medicine where a surgical procedure can make a miraculous and IMMEDIATE difference in an animal’s comfort level and well being, so we are extremely thankful that Cheyenne has been among the lucky ones to experience that.

Update: Cheyenne recovered well from her surgery and appeared to be happy and healthy. Sadly she was found dead in her pen late afternoon on September 8. There were no signs of struggle or any obvious cause. She looked very peaceful as if asleep. While we are very sad, it is good to know she lived her final time well cared for and loved.

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  • Success Story
  • Paint
  • Mare
  • 1997
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  • Colorado

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