Blue joined the rescue in July 2018 as an owner surrender. This former hunter/jumper had suffered a severe wound to his right front heel after getting caught in a fence. He was rushed to a veterinary hospital to save his life as an artery had been cut. Our veterinarian thoroughly examined Blue and said it looked hopeful the wound would heal and Blue might be able to still do some riding.

During recuperation, we updated Blue’s dental and farrier care and provided him with a physical exam for any soreness or other issues along the way. We had learned he also had once injured the suspensory ligament in a hind leg and had been laid up for a time. He is a well mannered horse but seems insecure without a buddy horse in full view, especially at eating time. We treated him for ulcers as he’s gone through a stressful time and needs to gain weight.

Update: Blue took many months to fully recover from his heel injury. We provided him with special shoeing once the wound was well healed as he was tender on his front hooves. During December 2018 Blue was seen to be walking very stiffly after getting up from a nap. After arriving at a vet appointment, he was very lame and sore from the trailer ride. The news was not good:

Blue had progressed high suspensory ligament desmitis in both hind legs, all four branches, with soreness on all 4 front end branches too. The right hind leg was 4 out of 5 scale lame with the left hind barely better than the right. The right hind fetlock was more severely “dropped” towards the ground than the left. Ultrasound showed scarring and core lesions. Sadly we humanely euthanized Blue.

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  • Success Story
  • Grey
  • Gelding
  • 2006
  • Appendix
  • Colorado

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