Domino was turned over to the rescue in November 2020. She had been part of horses in Texas facing slaughter, but had been paid for and sent to Colorado. The woman who purchased a horse was expecting a rideable gelding, but was presented with a very lame, thin mare. Fortunately she took the horse to keep her from further harm.

Veterinary exam revealed the mare was mid-twenties, very lame, in need of dental and farrier care along with proper nutrition. Ultimately the new owner could not keep the mare.

Domino was brought to the rescue in good weight, but very sore and lame. Veterinary diagnostics were done and her right front fetlock was extremely arthritic and partially fused. She also presented as neurologic in the hind end although compensation from front end issues most likely played a role in the gait abnormalities. Domino has a kind disposition but clearly had been used, worked hard in her younger years. She has been retired with the rescue.

More About Domino

  • Success Story
  • Paint
  • Mare
  • 1994
  • QH/Paint
  • Colorado

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