Mr. M (aka Midnite)

Midnight (Floyd)

Mr. M (aka Midnite) joined the rescue in January 2021. He had been purchased by a FL resident to be a riding horse but had been falsely advertised by an out of state owner. A vet check by the new owner showed the horse to be about 10 years older than indicated with a variety of health issues including anhidrosis, possible heaves and cancer. Eventually “Mr. M” (as we nicknamed him) arrived at the rescue. He had put on some weight in the 2 months with the FL owner and she had updated him on some basic care needs.

Our veterinarian gave him a complete exam after we let him settle in for a few days. His condition will be closely monitored due to a very aggressive form of squamous cell cancer and other issues. For now, this sweet older gelding is retired with our special needs horses and will live out his life with the rescue.

More About Mr. M (aka Midnite)

  • Retired
  • Black
  • Gelding
  • 1995
  • Grade
  • Florida

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