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Clarence is a miniature donkey rescued in June 2019 from a low-end auction. He was in a pen with another donkey (also saved). Clarence’s hooves are overgrown but he does not show signs of founder. He has a distended abdomen and fat pads on his body. After being evaluated by an equine veterinarian, his body weight (under those fat pads) appears normal. It will take a number of trims to slowly return his hooves to normal. Fortunately, he does not appear lame at this time. Clarence did test positive for Cushings and is on 1/2 tablet of Prascend daily. He is friendly and will hopefully adopt to a qualified home in future with his friend “Toby.” Both will require updated dental care in the fall.

Update: Clarence has done really well with getting his overgrown hooves trimmed back to normal. He’s not shown any signs of lameness and is a very sweet little donkey. He is ready for a great new home and can only be adopted with his friend Toby. Adoption fee is the cost for both, not each.

More About Clarence

  • Available for adoption
  • Grey
  • Gelding
  • 2004
  • Donkey
  • 375 for both
  • Colorado

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