AJ was rescued from a low-end auction in June 2019. With decent size on him he was a good target for kill buyers who frequent that horse sale. He has an older, massive scar on his left side and evidence of other issues from that injury. AJ will receive a thorough veterinary evaluation shortly including dental exam and an overall musculo-skeletal assessment. It is anticipated he will be a permanent resident with the rescue.

Update: AJ surprised all of his by passing his veterinary exams showing he could still do some trail riding. The large scar on his left side doesn’t seem to cause him discomfort and he enjoys light trail rides. He has thin soles so wears shoes on his front hooves. X-rays did not reveal any significant conditions to his hoof structure.

More About AJ (ADOPTED)

  • Success Story
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 2009
  • Quarter Horse
  • 750
  • Colorado

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