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Toby is a small standard sized donkey rescued in June 2019 from a low-end auction. Toby was in a pen with a smaller miniature donkey (also saved). His hooves are overgrown including the right hind which appeared deformed/twisted. Toby has a distended abdomen and fat pads on his body. Once evaluated by an equine veterinarian, his body weight (under those fat pads) seemed normal. X-rays showed no internal hoof deformity but it will take a number of trims to slowly return his hooves to normal. Fortunately he does not appear lame at this time and there are no indications of founder. Toby is friendly and will hopefully be able to adopt to a qualified home in future with his friend “Clarence.” Both will require updated dental care in the fall.

Update:  Toby has done really well with getting his overgrown hooves trimmed back to normal. He’s not shown any signs of lameness and is a sweet donkey in spite of looking grumpy when getting his hooves trimmed. He is ready for a great new home and can only be adopted with his friend Clarence. Adoption fee is the cost for both, not each.

More About Toby

  • Available for adoption
  • Grey
  • Gelding
  • 2004
  • Donkey
  • 375 for both
  • Colorado

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