Chloe joined the rescue program in August 2018 as part of a group of horses rescued from a kill lot. She was very lame on both front feet. Veterinary exam including X-rays showed several internal issues as well as what could be seen externally. There is a good chance these can be managed with proper hoof care and some other supplementation which will all take time.

Chloe came down with strangles while in her quarantine phase of rehabilitation which (sadly) can be very common for horses exposed to low-end auctions and/or kill lots. She’s being given supportive care for the symptoms and has kept up eating and drinking well during the initial phase. Once she is cleared of strangles and the time post-illness to ensure she cannot reinfect or expose others, we can progress with other rehab needs like dental care. Chloe has been a champion through all of this!

Chloe went through a couple of bouts of strangles, each one to a lesser degree but it took a couple of months before she was cleared of it. Once winter weather moved in she had more difficulty with pre-existing arthritis which we had discovered in her fetlock joints after X-rays. While Chloe had received special shoeing for support, the cold weather took its toll. She was stiff moving and began not wanting to spend much time on her feet. Due to the location of the arthritis there were no pain management solutions available and she was humanely euthanized.

More About Chloe

  • Success Story
  • Grey
  • Mare
  • 2006
  • Arabian
  • Colorado

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