Topaz was donated by her owner due to a death in the family and the need to sell the farm and horses. Topaz is a 20-year-old broodmare who raced a few times in her youth. The former owner indicated she’s head shy and sometimes hard to catch. Topaz has received updated dental care and is undergoing evaluation for any other potential issues before entering training assessment. It is possible she might be able to become a nice trail riding horse for a private home with an intermediate or better rider.

Update: Topaz injured her shoulder in June (unknown cause) and is back in rehabilitation for several weeks while the injury heals. The veterinarian believes it should heal well and not cause issues going forward. Once Topaz heals up she will head to training assessment before being placed up for adoption to a qualified home. It is unclear at this time if she will be a light to medium riding trail horse due to unknown history of any under saddle training.

Topaz moved to training evaluation in October 2019. It is unclear if she had ever done any under saddle training so she will be assessed and re-started from groundwork and moving forward.

2020 Update: Topaz has spent a few months in training assessment and progressed beautifully through groundwork to under saddle riding (arena and trail). She has a wonderful personality and would be a great addition to a qualified home for light to medium trail riding. Topaz would do best with an intermediate rider.

May 2020:  Topaz underwent lameness evaluation as she began showing signs of soreness during April.  It was discovered she has a cyst on her left hind canon bone which cannot be improved so she is not able to be ridden and has been retired to live out her life with the rescue.

More About Topaz

  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Mare
  • 1998
  • Thoroughbred
  • Colorado

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