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Chico is part of a large rescue situation in Florida due to a financially failing animal sanctuary. Chico is one of a few equines not yet showing severe signs of neglect. However he has dental issues, digestive issues due to poor diet and parasites. Chico appears normal movement-wise but does have times where he stands with front legs splayed to the side. He is also sickle-hocked. Chico is a very sweet mini gelding with a very outgoing and friendly personality.

Chico successfully rehabilitated as we updated his basic medical, farrier and other needs. His outgoing disposition has made him a delight to be around and easy to work with. One of our equine veterinarians took him under her wing and helped coordinate his adoption to a very well qualified new home as a companion for a super nice TB gelding. Chico has been learning some natural horsemanship games in his new home as he also was fitted with a custom made halter and new winter blanket for next season.

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  • Available for adoption
  • Palomino
  • Gelding
  • 2010
  • Miniature Horse
  • Florida

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