Buckshot is part of a large group of equines requiring rescue from a failing animal sanctuary in Florida. He is a small dark bay pony who has dermatitis, dental issues, parasites and signs of malnutrition under his thick winter coat. Buckshot is overdue for farrier care; his front hooves are two different sizes. Upon arrival, Buckshot was very lame in the left front. X-rays showed a current abscess at the coronary band and indications there were abscesses in this location before. He is a super sweet pony, smart and well-mannered.

Buckshot recovered from his initial health problems and has received routine farrier care which helps his left front hoof that is prone to abscessing. This is due to a lack of proper farrier care before he came to the rescue. Unfortunately, Buckshot is also a “non-sweater” (a condition called anhydrosis which is common in hot, humid climates). He is being treated with acupuncture and special supplements which have shown success in getting horses to sweat. Buckshot made it through the 2018 prolonged summer heat and is being treated prior to 2019 summer weather to see if his endocrine system will kick in so he can sweat normally. He will be watched very closely as hotter conditions arrive and the humidity increases. We’re working with supplements and acupuncture. Buckshot has been retired with the rescue.

2020 Update: Buckshot was carefully maintained during 2020, but his COPD worsened as the summer weather kicked in. He never regained the ability to sweat (anhidrosis) causing further issues with quality of life. Buckshot was a very stoic and sweet/kind/loving pony. It was a very sad day when it was time to put him down. We are relieved, however, that we could give him that peace. If he had remained where he was prior to rescue in 2018 he would have died a horrible death.

More About Buckshot

  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 2005
  • Pony
  • Florida

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