Black Beauty
Black Beauty was rescued in September 2020 after learning about him from an anti slaughter organization which was seeking to help find him (and others) safe placement. It was our understanding that a neighbor had intervened with an owner who stopped providing care for her horses many months ago. Beauty had been left in a pasture with NO shelter (not even a tree) enduring brutal summer heat and other weather. He’d had no dental care for at least 8 years; the neighbor had been able to have a vet treat him for infected eyes due to flies as well as provide a fly mask at some point prior to rescue. It took weeks for the owner to sign horses over to the neighbor.
Black Beauty was not only very thin/emaciated but weak and likely anemic or close to organ failure. He’s very arthritic and has advanced DSLD (a disease of the suspensory ligaments). His right eye has a large healed ulceration with small cataracts in the left eye. His teeth are also diseased from EORTH (often called hypercementosis).
This sadly neglected horse was once a high dollar Grand Prix jumper. It is disgraceful he would end up this way.

More About Black Beauty

  • Success Story
  • Black
  • Gelding
  • 1990
  • Thoroughbred
  • Florida

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