In late 2019, we were involved in a large rescue situation of horses from the slaughter pipeline and other abusive situations. One of the horses from that rescue was a young mare we named Cookie. About two months after her rescue, we noticed “unusual” weight gain and had the vet out to see if she was pregnant. The answer was “yes” and her rescue became what we call a “2-for-1” save since Cookie and her unborn foal were spared from a gruesome ending.

On May 31, Cookie gave birth to a healthy, strong colt we named Loki. His name comes from a Norse god “Loki” known as the trickster. Our Loki is already full of mischief at times so the name is a perfect fit. Loki has been imprinted by the trainer working with Cookie (and now Loki).

UPDATE: Loki turned one year old on May 31, 2021. He has spent his first year learning age appropriate interactions with humans and socializing with other horses. He has learned some basic skills such as wearing a halter, leading, loading into a trailer, moving off of pressure (very simple groundwork skill), picking up feet for a farrier, grooming and standing tied. Loki’s trainer has been with him since birth and done a fantastic job with him. We are pleased that she will be adding him to her equine family this summer, giving him a chance to live in a very qualified adoptive home to continue bringing him through his youth into adulthood in years to come.

Summer 2021 Update: Loki has been continuing to grow and learn more age appropriate skills in his wonderful adoptive home. He got to experience going to a horse show and seeing all of the sights. To further enjoy the experience, Loki was able to enter a halter class or two where he even earned a ribbon for being good while being led around at the walk, and standing quietly for the judge to check him out. It will be years until he is under saddle, but in the meantime his owner (both “ma and pa”) keeps expanding his experiences giving him great building blocks to ensure a good training foundation.

UPDATE (2024): In May, Loki returned to the rescue due to a medical condition which will be lifelong and cannot be cured. The adopter did an incredible job bringing up Loki and investing a great deal to manage the medical condition until it was no longer financially feasible. Loki will live out his life with the rescue and his OCDs in both hindlegs will be closely monitored with continued management of the condition. The good news is that Loki is staying with a board member who also fosters his mother (Cookie) — Loki has reunited with her and met other new horse friends. He will be able to participate in educational events which are scheduled during summer months.

More About Loki

  • Retired
  • Dark Bay
  • Colt
  • 2020
  • QH
  • Colorado

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