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In late 2019, we were involved in a large rescue situation of horses from the slaughter pipeline and other abusive situations. One of the horses from that rescue was a young mare we named Cookie. About two months after her rescue, we noticed “unusual” weight gain and had the vet out to see if she was pregnant. The answer was “yes” and her rescue became what we call a “2-for-1” save since Cookie and her unborn foal were spared from a gruesome ending.

On May 31, Cookie gave birth to a healthy, strong colt we named Loki. His name comes from a Norse god “Loki” known as the trickster. Our Loki is already full of mischief at times so the name is a perfect fit. Loki has been imprinted by the trainer working with Cookie (and now Loki).

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  • Dark Bay
  • Colt
  • 2020
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  • Colorado

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