Bella joined the rescue in late September 2019 during what turned into a large scale rescue of horses in the slaughter pipeline. She was thin, lame and had a long dreadlock in her mane. Bella is a very sweet mare, older and used up. She was still bagged up from having a summer foal which was either taken from her before she was dumped at an auction or possibly taken from her at the auction (which happens too often with broodmares being cast off). Bella has done well during her initial rehabilitation and is good friends with Sadie and Roxy (two mustang mares saved at the same time). Due to her age and unlikely chances for adoption, Bella is being retired with the rescue.

Update 2021: Bella was checked over in February as she was due for updated veterinary care. Her front knees had become swollen with heat and that became a primary concern for evaluation. Xrays revealed issues in the bone structure (where areas might not have fully closed from when she was younger); there was no treatment and the condition had deteriorated to where Bella could not be made comfortable or recover at all. She was humanely put down not long after because no medications or other treatments existed to give her a pain free life as the condition would only worsen.

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  • Success Story
  • Mare
  • 1996
  • QH
  • Colorado

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