Heritage Girls Visit Rescue Horses

Braving chilly temperatures in February, several families from a local Heritage Girls group spent part of a day with our education coordinator where they learned about basic horse care, horse rescue, and more.

The students watched a special video about Front Range Equine Rescue which taught them about our mission and how to understand the ways that horses in a bad situation can be rescued and have a good life going forward.

Participants were then able to explore three learning stations where they were taught about some of the different horse breeds, proper grooming techniques, and horse anatomy.

They were introduced to three horses Splash, Cricket, and Cookie, and were allowed to feed them a few special horse treats from Winnie’s horse cookies, which they (and the horses) loved.

Everyone then engaged in some hands-on learning where students (and their family members) were shown how to properly clean stalls, add extra shavings (a form of bedding to go on top of the stall mats) for cold winter nights and then sweep out the barn aisle area.

Even more fun was direct hands-on with the horses where everyone had a chance to participate in grooming all three horses and practicing safety around horses, including how to approach a horse, haltering, and some basic leading.

Four regular volunteers were available to assist FRER’s education coordinator in all of the planned activities. Two of the Heritage girls loved it so much they have committed to returning to become regular volunteers.