De-Funding Extended for Horse Slaughter Plant Inspections

The President Signed Appropriations Omnibus Bill

jade.beforeWe just received word the President signed the Appropriations Omnibus bill which included continued defunding of USDA inspections for horsemeat.

The de-fund will continue into 2015. The 2015 budget goes through 9/30/15 for the federal government. This means that no horse slaughter plant can operate in the U.S. while this is in effect.

While this is great news, it is by no means permanent and does not stop horses from transporting to Mexico and Canada. It does give all of us an opportunity to continue working all other angles to bring an end to the slaughter of America’s horses.

There is still a lot of work to be done! We need to expand the ‘safety net’ for horses to keep them out of the slaughter pipeline permanently.

We are also closely watching to see what impact the ban on horsemeat from Mexico by the EU will have in the coming weeks.