Wild Horses Shot & Killed

In January, the brutal shooting and killing of a wild horse from the Big Summit Wild HorseTerritory in the Ochoco National Forest was reported. According to the U.S. Forest Service, the horse was shot twice in his abdomen.

Since 2022, at least 59 wild horses and burros have tragically and violently lost their lives by humans who have shot them.

Despite reward funds to incentivize those with information to come forward, none of the perpetrators have been caught and convicted.

In 2023, two beloved Onaqui wild stallions were shot to death.

In 2022, sixteen wild horses were discovered murdered by a high-power rifle on public lands.

In July 2022, five wild burros were found shot in California.

The vile criminals who commit these crimes must be turned in and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

In 2006, we hired an investigator to document a roundup and other wild horses in Nevada. Over Valentine’s Day, bodies of wild horses brutally shot and killed were discovered. Authorities never caught the hateful person(s) who committed this heinous act.