Senate Spares Wild Horses

Keep them free

Your calls, emails and other contact with Senators helped save wild horses and burros!

On June 15, we learned that the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to keep protections to stop plans for mass killing and slaughter of wild horses and burros in the Fiscal Year 2019 Interior Department budget bill.

And just as importantly, they said “NO” to allowing dangerous sterilization procedures.

A reconciliation committee will need to iron out differences between the Senate and House versions of this budget bill before the entire U.S. House and Senate vote on the overall federal budget bill for FY19.

Remember, the House of Representatives committee did not spare wild horses and burros from cruel sterilization plans.

It will be critical for wild horse and burro advocates to contact their elected officials before the final vote on the overall budget bill. It is anticipated this could happen late summer/early fall.

In the meantime, we are deeply grateful to everyone who called, emailed or met with their member(s) of Congress on this critical issue.