BLM Removes nearly 2,000 wild horses in Wyoming

ruby.jun09November 9, 2010 – By the Star-Tribune Staff

FRER Investigator’s Report of a Roundup in Nevada

FRER’s investigator sent us photos and reported the following, from witnessing a roundup in Nevada during September – witnessed at the holding pens:
“…here you will find the frightened, traumatized horses I had just witnessed being rounded up a few hours before. They had been transported many miles from the site to Litchfield. No vet was there to care for them.

Mustang slayings in Nevada (February 2006)

On Febuary 14, a woman trapper and her son came upon a grisly scene near Gerlach, NV. They had noticed a thrashing out in the sagebrush a few hundred yards from the road. Upon investigation, they found two wild horses in extreme agony and in their death throes. A white mare had aborted her foal, then died after thrashing in the sagebrush. A stallion struggled to get to his feet, but death also overtook him. The mare had been shot several times in the head, bleeding profusely. The small creek nearby ran red with the blood from the horses. Another mare had also been shot and was located hundreds of yards north of the other two. The small band of remaining horses risked their lives by not fleeing the scene; they stood nearby watching their family members die.

For a brief time a reward was offered for information on this crime. To date it remains unsolved. In 2006 and 2007, reports of wild horses being shot and left to die in Arizona and Utah had been reported.

Evidence of the slaughter – photos of the mare that aborted her foal and the stallion – these photos are graphic and disturbing – click here to view.