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Front Range Equine Rescue, established in 1997, is working to prevent the abuse and neglect of horses through rescue and education.

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Recent Horse Rescue, Horse Slaughter, and Wild Horse News

Horse Slaughter Update – Ban Long Overdue

Posted: April 21, 2022

The number of horses exported to Canada for slaughter continues to decline with a recent decrease from over 6,900 horses […]

Questionable Wild Horse Numbers Lead to Excessive…

Posted: April 15, 2022

The Bureau of Land Management’s March 2021 to 2022 population estimate for wild horses and burros on the public lands […]

Horse Slaughter Numbers Decline

Posted: March 23, 2022

As with the past several years, there has been another significant decrease in the number of U.S. horses shipped to […]

Wild Horses in Federal Spending Bill

Posted: March 18, 2022

Congress has released its Fiscal Year 2022 appropriations omnibus spending bill and it includes funding for humane immunocontraceptive fertility control […]

Congressman Speaks Up for Wild Horses &…

Posted: February 15, 2022

U.S. House Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) has called for a suspension of wild horse and burro roundups, “until appropriate range […]

Wild Horse Roundups Continue

Posted: February 14, 2022

For the past few years, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has conducted ever-increasing helicopter roundups which cruelly capture and […]

Reckless Plans To Destroy Wild Horse Herds

Posted: January 11, 2022

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently announced it intends to round up at least 22,000 wild horses and burros […]

Assault on Wild Horses Continues

Posted: January 7, 2022

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a plan to remove at least 19,000 wild horses and burros from […]

50th Anniversary of the 1971 Wild Free…

Posted: December 27, 2021

This week marked the 50 year anniversary of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Sadly, America’s wild horses […]

Horses & Heroes Educational Progam

Posted: December 8, 2021

Front Range Equine Rescue’s education coordinator, Marion, is a full-time teacher who has put together a variety of horse-related curriculums […]