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“We got Tiger from Front Range Equine Rescue on March 21st, 2013. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and a lot of fun! We enjoy riding him Saddle Seat, but also Western and Bareback. We have shown him successfully in English Pleasure, English Equitation, Walk-Trot, & Showmanship at a local show held by Comanche Crossing Horseman’s Association. He has learned how to stand for a bath and the clippers, load in a trailer on cue, pick up a smooth canter transition, stand quietly, and be a great all-around horse. He is even learning how to bow! He knows how to be a gentlemen and go along with our wide range of interests with horses –tiny jumps; obstacle/trail courses; English, Western, and Bareback rides; riding through the lawn sprinkler; open rides at local arenas; showing; etc.

In addition, this year, Tiger, along with our other two American Saddlebreds, proved themselves on our first two hour trail ride! Tiger is fun to work with and eager to please. One of the most memorable sessions with him was on the ground working on trotting next to his handler for showmanship. With a lot of patience, he picked it up and was trotting on cue like a pro within ten minutes. I will never forget the look of pleasure in his eye as I rubbed his neck with praise once he did it right. He gets so excited when he gets a ‘jumping up and down,’ ‘really excited,’ ‘extra emphasized rub with enthusiastic words.’ He is full of personality!

Our experience with FRER was AMAZING! They were so helpful and the adoption process was smooth! Tiger has been an excellent addition to the Haddock family. We can’t wait to learn and grow as we ‘take the reins’ in years to come.”
– Morgan Haddock (Denae’s daughter)

This horse is not available for adoption


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