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Sparky (along with his companion Ilsa) arrived at the rescue as surprises! Our rescue coordinator was expecting 2 horses we agreed to take in but when the trailer arrived, two mini mules were also in it.

Sparky has grossly overgrown hooves and needs dental care. We understand that he had been sick with respiratory illness about 1-2 months ago (he was in with other horses exposed to illness). He appears to have little to no handling but should come along with training after settling in and weather permitting.

Update: While we don’t have any history on Sparky, we do know he had very little to no handling or (even worse) bad handling/bad interactions with humans based on his fearful behavior. Now that winter weather is fading in Colorado, we’ve been able to get Sparky safely to a wonderful trainer who has the skills needed to carefully earn his trust and build his confidence. Sparky is now able to wear a halter and will get much needed initial farrier care shortly (under sedation by a vet to make the experience easier as he doesn’t know how to have hoof care yet). By the time he is ready for more trimming to help return his hooves to normal, he will have undergone training so that he isn’t afraid and understands how to have hoof care. Other care needs like dental will follow as appropriate.

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  • In Assessment
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 2013
  • Mini Mule
  • Colorado

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